Hair becomes them

Here in Australia it is like we only have a pool of 30 actors – there are so many fabulously creative people here in Oz that are limited in work due to the choice of the same actors being cast in everything and the lack of diversity.

There are some fabulous actors that deserve the right to be cast in multiple things, but what about shaking it up and making it interesting – So many times we are exposed to the same actor – with the same HAIR DO like that walked of one set into another – Just look at some of the examples here

jmaraisPacked to the Rafters – modern dayjm love childLove Child – Based in the 60s & 70sjm wrongThe Wrong Girl – modern day

This is the actor Jessica Marais – who has appeared in three TV series, the IT girl, I can understand, she’s a beautiful girl – but there’s been no sense of changing the appearance for the sake of character, whether that’s a personal choice or one from the Director’s the lack of change inspires most of us to have a lack of interest in the characters portrayed.

As a former hairdresser changing the hairstyle changed the person, changes your reaction to the person and makes you intrigued as to what’s happening, why the change, same with actors – It always peeks your curiosity the minute they appear different to what we have come to see them as.

Look at the fabulous Allison Janney who is killing it at the moment with the accolades she’s receiving for I,Tonya – the willingness to go all the way as a character from head to toe

ajAllison Janney i-tonya-7 Allison Janney as LaVona Fay Golden in I,Tonya

If Allison went in looking as she generally does – would she convey the same emotion, yes, but there would be the obvious lack of believeability. Amazing how a different hairstyle can change the person and the character.

I like people that give it there all in pursuit of art – Not the Jared Leto method acting way but the ones that like to go bare exposing the flaws to aplomb, playing characters that from the outset look interesting, characters that we want to know more about and become invested in for example the fabulous Michael Caine mc

Jared Leto, according to him went “all the way” with the Joker, tormenting his fellow cast members, staying in character…wank,wank I mean blah, blah… Saying “The Joker doesn’t know boundaries and wants to push them” – Well here is well you are wrong Jared, the Joker has always known boundaries and knew exactly what he was doing in his menace…Look at the fabulous Caesar Romero as The Joker for example, the facial expression vs Jared’s over exaggerated interpretation – which character would you invest your time in..


There’s power in the stillness, there is power in not overdoing it – Jared goes too far to the point you can see him acting..He’s like the person who wants bleach blond hair and bleaches and bleaches to get it as white as possible until it snaps off and looks terrible..That’s Jared to me – As an actor he makes a better singer.

In my hairdressing days you would have the regulars that would come in every six weeks for a tint and it would be the same boring brown colour that they’d been having for the last 18 years, akin to the people that never want to be any happier than what they are, they never want to be sadder than what they are – Then there’s people that like the same routine because it’s comfortable. I often think about this in the acting realm – People play it far too safe, they want to look the same so people can still see it’s them.

I love how Milo Ventimiglia in This Is Us with just his facial hair and the way he wears his hair looks like Jack Pearson in every era at that particular age, he, like Cesar Romero it’s all in the face


The most fabulous thing as an actor and perfomer is about exploring and developing new characters, from head to toe – How do they think, what are they conveying, a lot of people will argue that the actors I mentioned like Jessica Marais and Jared Leto do the same – For me I’m yet to see it – Like the lady who comes into the salon and says I’m thinking of a new colour and walks out with the same colour…which in their mind is different because they chose it of the colour chart.

Josie P x



When did music lose its soul?

Growing up in the 80s music was such a massive part of every aspect of my life – From seeing Countdown here in Australia to expose us to the latest music videos, saving my pocket money to get the latest issue of Smash Hits to hanging on every word the artist spoke or sang


Our artists were revered as they were real – I felt like I knew them so well and they knew me – There was no social media, no connection to them other than writing to their fan clubs and getting an autographed photo of them in the mail three or four months later – How cool was that moment!

The artists of the 80s were inspired by what they heard in the 60s and 70s – the stories that formed a part of their tapestry and thoughts, with those emotions they conveyed them to us – A warm blanket of understanding

We felt loved by the artists and we knew they loved us – As a seven year old girl in 1984 I remember the first time seeing George Michael singing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go I was transfixed and in love – the story was similar to those who loved Duran Duran, Michael Hutchence, Spandau Ballet to name a few – although we were youngsters we got them and they got us – They were magical as were the music videos they produced – that was an epic movie within itself worth waiting for


Over the years as times have changed so have people & their connections – social media has brought them closer to us although they feel as further away as ever – Most of today’s music no longer gives you that spark – it feels like they are saying the words like an actor that’s doing a fill in for the main star who couldn’t be there – The artists now have so much influence yet the majority of music comes of souless like they are saying you wanted a song so here’s one and I feel like – Could you be more disinterested

Maybe it’s because now there isn’t the hunger or challenge that once fueled the artists we love – Gone are those days were they gigged and gigged and gigged until one moment when a music manager heard about them and turned up to their gig – even then there was no guarantee – Just look at artists like The Beatles & Queen and yet they continued to graft and forge knowing that their music was created for the masses and one day it would connect with the right management and fans, they never settled, they never compromised

Nowadays everyone can be famous in two seconds – reality shows have taken over and coaches, mentors and judges alike convince people “They can sell out stadiums” so there is not effort on the artists part to improve their craft – its like a little girl who’s told she’s pretty as a toddler and she trades of that as she knows she can get what she wants because she’s pretty

I would like to be a coach on these shows and be real – but people like me wouldn’t be welcome or I would be considered the mean coach for being real – Without the hunger for these artists there is no challenge so they stop trying and then they’re surprised when their music doesn’t chart and lash out at the industry

One of my heroes in Freddie Mercury – even when Queen was worth 1 billion he still went into every studio session and concert just like he did prior to them being signed – this is evident in the studio session for the recording of One Vision

Think of Prince how he was always at his beloved Paisley Park perfecting the sound, George Michael who didn’t put anything out until it sounded right too and there are so many other artists that operate in the same vein – All about the music, all about the fans, all about truth and keeping it real.

Sometimes I look at the ads they have on YouTube, you know the ones where these new artists spruik about their music videos etc. Two thoughts run through my mind – Who the fuck are these people and how soulless can their music be, its not the videos that will propel you – its you!

People say you like ‘Old music’ well if it means playing music from my beloved 80s – 60s, 70s and even 50s and I connect with it even more now then before, then yeah I’m into old music

My beloved Freddie said it best

freddie 2

What are your thoughts ❤

Josie P x


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